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Why Join CyberGeek Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program allows everyone to join and promote the CyberGeek brand while gaining commissions through an affiliate link. Get rewarded by sharing your affiliate link and earning money from every purchase you refer.

Easy to Join for Free

Visit the ReferrLy: Affiliate Marketing CyberGeek page and select “Join Now.” Then you can create an account or sign in to an existing account. Once your application is approved, you can access banners and text links to share to your blog or YouTube channel.

ReferrLy: Affiliate Marketing is an affiliate marketing network that is in Shopify. It provides thousands of sites with affiliate programs, allowing you to make money by recommending their products online.

Program Details


  1. An affiliate promotes CyberGeek products on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or other social media;
  2. A potential customer clicks on the posts;
  3. The customer orders at the CyberGeek website;
  4. The affiliate earns a commission.


1. Easy to join for free.
2. Earn 3%~10% commission from each referred sale.
3. Extra monthly Cash Bonus by sharing promotional activities.
4. Newsletters update.
5. A 30-day cookie period.


1. Favourable price.
2. Special discount.
3. Delicate customer service.
4. 30-day return and refund.

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